The greenfield leasehold property, a 40-keys wellness campus and resort, is located in Tabanan on the south east coast of Bali, Indonesia, within a 15-minute drive from Canggu or Seminyak on 1.1 hectare of sloping land.


The details of the project land are as follows:-

Title No. : Total 5 title deeds as following:

●       Land 1 – Freehold 4080 m2 (existing villas building)

●       Land 2 – Freehold 1500 m2  (current location of greenhouse farm)

●       Land 3 – Freehold  1600 m2 (empty land)

●       Land 4 – Leasehold 1500 m2 (empty land)

○       Reserved but not yet acquired

●       Land 5 – Leasehold 1900 m2 (empty land)

○       Reserved but not yet acquired

State : Bali Island
District : Tabanan
Area : 1.1 hectare (11,000 square meter)

The contour of the land is in the shape of a valley with a river flowing through the property; and set in a lush forest setting.

Land Use : The land currently has 10 structures including 6 2-bedroom villas, 1 restaurant, 1 plant nursery, 1 greenhouse, 1 pool with kitchen, and 1-foot bridge over the river.
Land type : Sloping land
Special Condition : The land is documented to be fully licensed and permitted to build and operate hotel, restaurant, residences, and farm. The local and regional government officials responsible for licensing and permitting have visited the property and are in approval of the development plans. The local banjar elder lives on site and works for the property. A sacred fresh water spring flows from the bank into the river, and the property has several aged indigenous trees that give the land character.  The Singapore company is a private limited corporation which will serve as the main investment vehicle for its Indonesian-based Penanaman Modal Asing (PMA). PMA with Hak Guna Bangun (HGB) status entitles holders the right to build and hold assets.
Restrictive Condition : HGB allows a foreigner the right to have a short-term ownership of the land. At the moment the agreement is initially 30 years right to use then an additional 20 + 30 years are available but at a new value. The right to use/freehold can be extended but the price will be fixed at the time of renewal. As the property partner for this project is already onboard, an alternative to this structure is to engage the property in a long-term lease. A long-term lease will not allow for gains on real estate appreciation, but the initial project cost would be lower while the projected operating income of the project would be the same.
Investment : US$10.3M
Equity Structure : Option 1: Real Estate Hospitality Project Investment Only

Option 2: Real Estate Investment and Exposure to Hospitality Management


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