Management & Consulting

AJT Holdings focuses on medical wellness consulting and management, and is also a provider of technical services for hotels, resorts, doctors, medical centers, clinics, and mixed-use real estate developments. Our technical advisory specialty renders master planning; concept and program development; software solutions; and other services required as a framework for these set-ups.

As part of our all-encompassing services available, we have developed licensed brands that can be readily applied to your business.

Innovative Business & Marketing

Today’s businesses has only 2 functions – MARKETING | INNOVATION

  • Creating INNOVATIVE BUSINESS MODELS for organizations in today’s competitive landscape
  • Assisting conventional businesses revamp
  • Refresh current marketing
  • Develop new products and services
  • Revolutionizing conventional models
  • Strategizing modern marketing strategies with conventional means

Consultancy & Master Concept

  • Conduct Prerequisite Study/Site Survey to understand Market needs
  • Create & Formulate the overall Health & Wellness concept tailored to the needs of the market demand
  • Propose & Design the Outline of Medical/Wellness programs

Market Feasibility & TSA

  • Design & Develop In-Depth Customized Medical Wellness Programs
  • Conduct Market Feasibility Studies including  – Market Survey Analysis; Competitor Analysis; Financial Analysis with estimated Investment Forecast; Identifying Business Opportunities, Strengths, Weakness, and Potential Threats; Formulating effective Marketing Strategies
  • Technical Services Advisory Expertise – Propose Architectural Concept, Interior Design Zoning Allocation, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Design Assistance

Pre-Opening Services

  • Execution of Equipment and Material Procurement
  • Periodic Site Inspection
  • Design and Implement Processes, Protocols & Work Flow
  • Application of necessary Licenses from Designated Governing Body
  • Sourcing, Shortlisting & Training of Operational Team
  • Coordinate Pre-opening / Opening of the Facility


  • Evaluate and Select Operating software including Financial and Book-Keeping Systems
  • Preparation of Policies and SOP Manuals
  • Establish Prices for Product & Services offerings
  • Strategic planning and execution of Marketing campaigns and partnerships, Social Media management
  • IT System set up & Management
  • Website development & Management, CRM database management, Data Security
  • Long-term property management

Connecting Businesses

Through many years of being part of the hospitality and healthcare industries, our team has developed an extensive network of business partners and connections. With that, we are well equipped to bridge businesses and individuals – operating as an agent to broker deals between interested parties looking to elevate their business through integrating elements on medical wellness, healthcare and hospitality.

Health & Wellness

AJT works in collaboration with many professionals in the healthcare and wellness industry. Our wealth of knowledge, resources and expertise are derived from a panel of experienced medical and wellness professionals from around the globe. Lead by AJT’s Group Lead Medical Director, Mark L. Gordon M.D., Our team of advisors are medical doctors and wellness experts from the US, Singapore, Canada, China and Thailand.

Hospitality Tourism

Hotel and resorts searching for solutions to differentiate themselves in the hospitality tourism market, we are able to offer a complete plan that will help elevate the value of your entity through the implementation of wellness architecture, interior design and programs.

Visit our Wellity website for more information on our hospitality offerings.

Education & Training

Through DrMap, AJT is able to plan and execute medical education and training modules catered to physicians and non-physicians. Currently focused in Thailand, we organize and manage conferences and talks, in collaboration with AMMG.