Season’s Greetings from AJT!

While Christmas and ringing in the New Year will be different this year for many of us, I am more appreciative than ever that, after a long and very tough year, the holiday season is upon us. The hopefulness and joy of the season feel especially important this year.

Personally AJT has much to be thankful for this year, ever more so, more people have started to see the value in preventive care and wellness, something which we have been advocating for and developing, since the beginning of our medical wellness consulting and management journey in 2013.

Medical Wellness, the new luxury or should we say necessity? This pandemic has amplified people’s determination to lead healthier lives, fuelling demand for better lifestyle, medical, foods, environment, and wellness products.

We see 2021 as a year, where we as individuals, and a society, look towards wellness as a vital connecting piece in anything that we do, and everywhere that we go.

As owners, medical providers, hoteliers, real estate developers, and as industry leaders, we must be mindful to constantly innovate and create with this in mind, while ensuring every project, development or campaign serves this higher purpose of truly improving people’s health and overall wellbeing.

This will allow for sustainability and longevity for all.

On behalf of everyone here, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season. We look forward to serving and partnering with you in the coming year!

Best wishes,
Anthony Jude Tan, Founder