Aksorn Rayong Thailand Hotel

August 2018, Blog Article from MIDA Assests


MIDA Assets Public Company Limited (MIDA) joins hands with Wellity, a leading hospitality management company in Singapore. Launched a joint venture company “MW WELLNESS MANAGEMENT” (MW Wellness Management) penetrates the real estate development market, leads the trend, launches the first Concept Hotel, “Aksorn Rayong The Wellity Collection “the first and only new resort style in Rayong Which brings art and culture with holistic wellbeing together with facilities seamlessly with uniquely superior service standards,

Mr. Wisoot Eeosivikul Chairman and Managing Director of MIDA Assets Public Company Limited (MIDA) revealed that MIDA’s joint venture with Wellity is another milestone for the company. And it creates opportunities to offer new types of services that are different from other international hotel chains.

“We spent more than 20 million baht in a joint venture with Wellity to set up MW WELLNESS MANAGEMENT and invested over a billion to build a hotel.” AKSORN RAYONG, THE WELLITY COLLECTION (Aksorn Rayong, The Wellity Collection. ) ”It is the first hotel managed by MW WELLNESS MANAGEMENT, which is expected to spend approximately 35 million baht in this project for health equipment and essential components in various elements. Of the company Use a proactive marketing strategy By focusing on the strengths that are unique to We combine the elements of holistic wellness with every service. On the hotel side according to international standards Whether it is the place, the room, the health center, the treatment program Including food and drink In which our hotel guests can experience a feeling of comfort and health at the same time.

Anthony Jude Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Wellity, revealed that this joint venture to establish MW WELLNESS MANAGEMENT is another important step towards expanding both Wellity and MIDA businesses. A new pick for investors who want to build an integrated service business and aks of Rayong, The Wellness Collection is a new phenomenon in the hotel and resort business in Thailand. That brings new innovations In the healthcare industry, it is fully integrated with facilities with superior service standards. At Aksorn Rayong, The Wealthy Collection, our guests will experience the first hotel concept. And a unique experience throughout the stay “

“Currently, MW WELLNESS MANAGEMENT has two hotels under its management,“ Aksorn ”, an art and cultural theme, and“ The Wellity Collection ”is a medical element for health. Combined with hotel and resort services, “Aksorn Rayong The Wellness Collection” is the first hotel that brings the strengths of both “Aksorn” and “The Wellity Collection”. ”Come together And emerged as a new concept hotel that is unique, Aksorn Rayong is expected to open in August this year and from 2019 onwards with a business development plan under management. The addition of MW WELLNESS MANAGEMENT is The Panaro, a condominium project in Phuket and Tara Pathom, a Thai villa. Which apart from the market in Thailand We will begin to expand to many of the neighboring countries, “Anthony added

business character.
MIDA The Company and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in the sale and hire purchase of electric appliances. And used cars, hotels, golf courses, billboards rental Real estate development business Manage transferred assets, non-performing assets of financial institutions And security service business


Source: MIDA Assets

Global Professionals Summit 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic was an unprecedented event that took the world by surprise. Not only did it cost lives, it has also cost several livelihoods. As businesses attempt to survive and thrive in the new normal, new skills are needed and old ones become obsolete.

The Global Professionals Summit (GPS) initiative was conceived by the International Youth Society (Singapore) with the Young Entrepreneurs Society (Singapore) to promote relevant learning and skills development. It spawned from a dire need as the world begins to reboot from turmoil of the global economic crisis and disruptions to the way of life to almost all walks of life.

Business leaders, academia and global experts are invited to this event to share about the new mindset, new skillset, business trends and opportunities.

Youths around the world need to reposition themselves as the economy resets and equip themselves with an updated mindset and skills to remain relevant for employment or as entrepreneurs in the “New Normal”.

Founder and Group MD, Anthony Jude Tan shared his experience on How to Become An Entrepreneur, Business Ethics, and What Investors Look For.
Online event took place on Saturday, 26 September 2020