AJT February 2020 Newsletter

The proper way to clean your hands and
put on a surgical face mask
Here we demonstrate the most effective way to keep your hands clean, how to properly put on a surgical face mask and proper removal of the mask.  
Singapore Specialists in Phnom Penh!
Singapore Medical Center Cambodia managed by DrMap, works with FEM Surgery, a surgical group practice of various specialties from Singapore, to bring Singapore standards of medical excellence to Cambodia.
For appointments, contact Singapore Medical Center (SGMC).

DrMap CEO, Anthony Jude Tan, speaks at the Annual Health Fair, US Embassy in Phnom Penh.

Site Visit to Samrong General Hospital

Led by Founder & Group MD Anthony Jude Tan, the team visited Samrong General Hospital this month, coupled with a fruitful initial meeting with Dr.med.Prapa Wongphaet, President of the Thai Medical and Wellness Tourism Association.