Singapore Medical Center’s (SGMC) Inaugural Educational Talk

Singapore Medical Center holds an Engaging Talk on “Women’s Health” Covering Interesting Topics on Disease Prevention; Hormonal Balance; Nutrition; Sexual Health; and Aging

Phnom Penh, 31 May 2018 – Following the first press conference earlier this year, announcing the opening of the upcoming medical and wellness clinic, the Singapore Medical Center (SGMC) managed by DrMap in Phnom Penh, holds its inaugural educational talk, in series of talks lined up leading up to the opening.

Located on the fourth floor of the brand-new Bridge Mall, in the heart of capital, the center is due to open in the third quarter of 2018. This first talk will highlight “Women’s Health” topics and solutions for the everyday women; as well as related SGMC services attendees can look forward to. The educational talk will be led by SGMC’s Singaporean, Family and Aesthetic Physician specialists, Dr. Wenus Ho MBChB and Dr. Juliana Latif MBChB.

The theme will focus on the importance of regular women’s health screenings namely for heart disease, bones and cancer disease prevention; how to look and feel good as they age; hormonal balance; nutrition; and sexual health.

“There is an acute need for access to a reliable women’s medical health in Cambodia, and SGMC is committed to making sure that everyone, not only women, has access to quality healthcare, “said Dr. Wenus Ho. “Women’s health has a broad range of needs that require special attention and taking care of, on top of battling everyday well-being concerns such as work load, nutrition, and stress, among other factors that matter.” Added Dr. Juliana Latif. Both Dr. Wenus and Dr. Juliana focus a lot on the importance of hormone balancing in women’s health, for which they underwent training in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in London. Bio-identical hormones are now recognized as the safe and healthy approach to slowing down the body’s natural decline.

SGMC intends to offer medical services and treatments to Cambodians, expatriates working in the country, as well as those from neighboring countries seeking state-of-the-art health facilities and services. Run and managed under DrMap, utilizing Singapore healthcare standards and specialists, all treatments and services are backed by medically certified processes and protocols. The medical center will be implementing a range of services covering primary care, chronic disease management, diagnostic imaging and screening; and holistic wellness, aesthetic and surgical treatments.

Diagnostic services using the latest machinery will include x-rays, mammograms, CT Scans, bone densitometry and ultrasounds; while holistic wellness treatments will feature the Volcanic Lava Therapy, Ozone Infrared Therapy, sexual rejuvenation and sports medicine.

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